Hi.  I’m April.  This is my bio.  This is where I tell you where I come from and how great I am except I’m supposed to say it in third person like the guy who does the voice overs on movie previews.

“April Kidwell is a gifted comedic actress blah, blah , blah..."

I'm from different places and at sixteen I landed in Las Vegas where I was a thriving high school student at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.  I received my BA from UNLV and while in college I made way too much money for any college student to responsibly manage playing Cleopatra at Caesar's Palace.  Yes, my Mom and Dad were very proud.  

I did a few years as the lead production cast singer on Norwegian Cruise Lines and got way too bored playing the vanilla game so I cut off all my hair and backpacked around the world blissfully eating whatever I wanted.  

In 2011 I landed on a best friends couch in NYC with literally two suitcases and within a year I'd begun my auspiciously delicious career as an Elizabeth Berkley impersonator in the critically acclaimed Off Broadway premiere of Bayside! The Musical!  I stayed with the Bayside cast and crew for many incarnations and along the journey we decided the natural follow up was to craft the smash hit  Showgirls! The Musical!   Demand for Elizabeth Berkley parodies was so big that I starred in both Bayside and Showgirls to sold out audiences for back to back performances at the legendary Theatre 80.   

Word of Showgirls! The Musical!'s magic found it's way West and drag legend Peaches Christ (who'd been at that point hosting THE annual Showgirls tribute show and screening for eighteen years) invited me and select members of the cast to San Francisco to perform an extended sold out run of the Peaches Christ Productions rendition of our beloved musical.  

I loved my Peaches Christ experience so much that I moved to San Francisco and continue to make stupidly hilarious theatre with her, my dear incomparable mentor, and the joyously incredible Midnight Mass family.   I'm very grateful to have extended myself since to playing other obnoxious non Elizabeth Berkley characters including Alyson Hannigan and Anna Nicole Smith.

To balance my overacting I write music as a humble guitar swinging singer songwriter and  I  channel my passionate obsession for recycling into my small business called Schmiggens (hand made clothing and crafts by moi made from recycled/up cycled materials) and into my humanitarian work as a student of the Earthship Academy (building off the grid, self sustainable houses from trash/recyclable goods for homeless veterans and Hurricane Maria survivors in Puerto Rico).  Check out my Schmiggens and Humanitarian pages on this site for more info.  

Thanks for stopping by! 
(Enoy the tits!)